Writing: Sharing Stories, Information, and News About the Great Lakes Region

There are many stories to tell about these Great Lakes and the surrounding lands. I see my role as helping  your organization share stories about the work you do, the issues you address, and the importance of the Great Lakes ecosystems in our lives.
Sharing Stories

Creative Advocacy: Engaging in the Great Lakes Region's Wild Habitats and Ecosystems

The Great Lakes Region is rich in biodiversity, wild habitats, and environmental resources. Creative engagement expands the way we all view these important places.
Engaging People

Funding Support: Assisting in Reporting, Correspondence, and Proposals

Funding is vital to our efforts to inform, educate, and reconnect with what this great region has to offer. Here are some of the ways I can help you chronicle and share your work with your financial supporters.


I look forward to working together on our shared vision.